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agency for continuous change


Our beliefs.

We believe in the power the now. Your presence is everything. We are present and allow moments of serendipity in search for magic. Only if being present you are fully aware of your capabilities, your needs, your talents and your potential.

We`d love to see you as a human, your team and your organisation grow. Back to what really matters: Being human. 

Projects topics we are currently involved in:

/ Purpose Evolution / Vision, Mission / Co-Creation

/ New Work / New Work Spaces 

/ Human-centered / Life-centered Change 

/ Strategic Development / Sustainable Growth 

/ New Leadership / Mindful Leadership

/ BGM Human Ressource Management 

/ Stress Management / Burnout Prevention

/ Resilience / Mindfulness / Self Awareness

/ Compassionate Living / New Orientation  

/ Movement / Creativity / Nature 

/ Tech Transfer Awareness / Tech-Human-Ecosystem 

/ Diversity / Gender Awareness 

/ Inclusive Design 

If you feel you would like to work with us for a certain period of time to mirror your processes, your leadership strategies, developing new spheres of doing, training your employees to become more resilient, exploring new products or services for your purposeful endeavour? Then we are your right partners! 

By combining our creative force in the areas of  communication and human/life-centered design with professional expertise in coaching, human dynamics, positive psychology and learning systems, we empower our clients to grow sustainably from within, with purpose and true values embodied. A solid foundation for intrinsic "healthy" growth, personally, and as a collective. 


Our Consulting and Coaching Services are no one size fits all. Each case is developed to your individual needs. We do differentiate between consulting and coaching. Consulting is sharing insights and experiences. Coaching is developing your skills and competences from your own inner calling. Very different for sure. 


All our services are bi-lingual: German, Swiss German, English, all native. We are hyperflexible in our formats: shorter online sessions accompanied by our unique Miro journeys or exciting live events in person. Please do reach out to learn more about our services. 

Making Things Brighter.

We give back.


40% of our commitment is earned in the non-profit and public sector. Your investment is inherently benefiting less profitable organisations for good. Changing the way we do day by day.

Giving is receiving!


Our approach.

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