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New Work - our opportunity of the century?

New Work is no longer a buzzword, but already a reality. Because if we look at our current, all-encompassing networking of the world, which is caused by new technologies, the Internet and digital communication channels, one thing becomes clear: We have long been in the midst of a revolution of the working world 4.0. An economic and cultural change with Generation X Y Z P, especially P (Purpose), at the forefront, who are increasingly questioning the "old world". A new way of thinking is emerging: the desire for change, for a sense of purpose, for sustainability and individual personality development - people and their environment are increasingly coming into focus. Whereas in the past, consumption and material status symbols served as incentives to work, tomorrow's employers will need much more to remain attractive. What is needed today is a holistic understanding of the value chain and a respectful approach to resources. But developments in the field of blockchain and artificial intelligence are also presenting us with major challenges in reshaping the future. New Work here becomes the epitome of this transformative movement.

The pandemic as a catalyst for transformation

The year 2020 acted as a driving force of these transformation processes, which made the new form of working really invited and socially compliant. A period in which a mass of people were catapulted into the home office and left to their own devices has brought about a profound reflection on each individual. Common work models are now increasingly being challenged with new approaches to working more effectively, meaningfully and resiliently. Employees today are demanding work models that give them more space to develop, take responsibility for themselves, and respect their own mental and physical health. This happens, for example, through the freedom to determine their own daily schedule, to organize working hours flexibly, and not to be tied to fixed work locations or standardized organizational structures. At the same time, more and more people are coming to terms with the meaningfulness of their own work. Instead of sitting in front of a computer for eight hours a day, priorities are shifting toward having a true mission in life that is as sustainable, resource-efficient and meaningful as possible. Commitment to projects that have an impact on people and our environment, and thus create a greater sense of purpose for our planet, is becoming a common vision for future generations.

What does New Work need to successfully address this change?

The basic premise of New Work is to trust in human capabilities and interactions. Organizations need to trust their employees to take responsibility for their own time, space and health, and still be able to perform their tasks responsibly. Humanity is allowed to return and become the focus again. Talents may be encouraged as well as challenged and potentials may unfold. The connection among each other, from heart to heart, may be revived, creating together, reaching out to each other and supporting each other may gain relevance. Employees should consciously confront their own limits and needs in order to protect their mental health and strengthen their own resilience. Because if we don't have healthy people, if we don't have people who also question things critically, who are committed to each other and to more diversity, we will not make sustainable progress in the future. The often still existing and deeply rooted mistrust in the working world based on hierarchies, planning and error avoidance are a non-fit for the new dynamic times. These outdated structures should be replaced with new experiences that prove that joyful, pleasurable work is also possible with an ease and light-heartedness.

New Work thus becomes a question of attitude and modern leadership that operates at eye level with appreciation and trust: Heartset change! In this sense, it is cultural work at the heart of the smallest unit of an organization: the human being. There are still great challenges ahead, but also even greater opportunities to transform organizational structures and establish a new work culture. This takes a lot of courage and stamina. But every moment offers the opportunity to decide in the here and now to go in a different direction.

"New Work is in the here and now. Your own inner attitude is the compass of the future."

What is your vision of the working world of the future?

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